Full coverage and personal advice.

An insurance based on what you need.

NGO Insurance Advisors strives to provide and insurance and advice that protects you and all your employees, no matter where in the world, no matter what happens.

NGO Care
Together with Ambrelia in France and Allianz worldwide care, this group health insurance, was created.

Are you

A non-governmental organisation (NGO);

An international aid organisation (IAO);

A Business (SME).

you have at least 5 employees, expat or local.

Then have a look at NGO Care, next to our personal advice and experience enjoy the further benefits of NGO CARE such as:

NGO CARE cover

Healthcare and Medical assistance: hospitalisation, Out-patient, maternity, eye care, dental care, evacuation, medical assistance and repatriation and much more...

NGO CARE services

  • Free choice of doctor and medical centre;
  • Network of medical providers all over the world;
  • 24/7 online service platform in many languages;
  • Direct settlement of hospital fees where possible;
  • Claiming or requestion reimbursement through e-mail or your smartphone;
  • Reimbursement requests processed within 48 hours.

NGO CARE Options

  • All causes death cover. In the event of the death of an employee, this cover provides financial security and protection to his/her dependants. It can include ‘war risks’, which are generally excluded from the standard terms and conditions of death cover policies.
  • Private life civil liability insurance. This cover protects your employees and their spouses and children, both under and over the age of majority, against all accidents in their daily lives for which they are liable to third parties.
  • Temporary disability and permanent invalidity cover. This cover provides financial security to employees who are no longer able to carry out their duties following an accident or illness.

Pension and international retirement

Your expatriate and international employees, whatever their nationality, can benefit from an attractive and motivating salary package to allow them to prepare for their future with confidence.
The aim of the programme is to create a vehicle that can be used to invest employer and employee contributions in order to provide pension or savings benefits to the insured persons when they reach retirement age or when they leave the company.